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We have healthy, happy parrots...and everything they need!

1503 N.E. 78th Street #5, Vancouver, WA 98665  (360) 576-9909   Map
Store Hours  Monday thru Saturday 10:00am to 7:00pm , Sunday  NOON to 5:00pm
We have hundreds of toys in our retail store!  For all sizes of birds, from parakeet to
.  Here are just some of the manufacturers.  We carry many more from the cottage
Prevue Hendryx
Jungle Talk
Happy Beaks
JW Pet
Bird Kabobs
King Cages
Super Bird
Planet Pleasures
Paradise Toys
Living World
Pet Terrific
Aussie Bird Toys
Toys and Toy-making Supplies
Toy Parts:
We have all you need to make your
own quality bird toys, including:
Plastic Chain
Metal Chain
Paulie Rope
Sisal Rope
Marbella Plastic Rings
Birdie Bagels
Veggie-Tanned Leather
(strips & pieces)
Drilled Wood (all shapes & sizes, dyed & natural)
Bells – several different shapes, sizes & colors
Quick Links, Snaps, unwelded O-Rings
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Parrot Perch, LLC.
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