Parrot Perch, LLC
We have healthy, happy parrots...and everything they need!

1503 N.E. 78th Street #5, Vancouver, WA 98665  (360) 576-9909   Map
Store Hours  Monday thru Saturday 10:00am to 7:00pm , Sunday  NOON to 5:00pm
The Parrot Perch is a retail pet store for and about birds.  We love them and
we know them.  We provide our customers with the
best in birds, the best in
products and the best in customer service!  
Our store is clean and our birds well cared for. Living in a bird
store, our birds don’t lack for
quality foods or toys!  All
birds have their own sleeping cages for a safe & secure
slumber and all cages are cleaned daily.  
Our birds are like family
We also have an on-site nursery where many of our birds
for sale are raised. Come see for yourself!
Each day you will find many of our parrots playing on our
large community perches.
Click here for a list of our available birds.
During your visits we will do our best to share our experience & knowledge with you.
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