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The Parrot Perch is a retail pet store for and about birds, we love them and
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RIP Maggie May

Sadly, our store bird Maggie, passed away May 16th.
Maggie had a rough life as a baby - both legs had been severely broken and
she was not given the care she needed, which allowed the bones to heal in
an incorrect way (which left her in a position of constantly laying down).
The owners of this store came across her at a bird show many years back
and knew they had to get her. After some time they were able to find a vet
willing to re-break and cast her legs in a proper position, however by then so
much damage had been done she was never able to stand and move around
like other birds.
Maggie was a quirky bird - although she wasn't super fond of strangers she
enjoyed being around all the other birds and having people say hello to her
when they stopped in. She also loved herself some peanuts